AI Modular Urinalysis Workflow

Product description

AIways Beyond Urinalysis

World Fastest Urinalysis Workflow

800 T/H for urine dry chemistry analysis

400 T/H for sediment analysis

AI technology (CNN, deep learning)

        Modular design & Multiplicate configurations

UC-1800 Automatic Urine Analysis Module

Up to 480 T/H

Up to 14 parameters including CR, MA, CA, ACR;

Physical Modular: offering accurate SG, turbidity, color result;

10.4 inch color touch screen;

CIS scanning with 5 wavelength, more stable, accurate, faster;

Constant temperature control to avoid the interference;

Automatic enhanced washing for high concentration sample;

Liquid level detection;

Rack ID RFID card reading;

Precise sample dropping technology;

Offering real-time strip reaction color for traceability

UD-1320 Automatic Urine Sediment Analysis Module

Up to 120T/H;

Flow cell digital image processing, with powerful AI technology;

The perfect combination of artificial intelligence and medical image processing;

More than 38 parameters;

10.4 inch color touch screen;

40× high-resolution olympus lens, and 4 million pixels high-resolution camera;

800 frame images capture per sample;

Rack ID RFID card reading;

Remote system diagnostic and update;

Bi-direction LIS mode